This is My Home Now (2015)

This is My Home Now explores the lives of four youths from three Montagnard immigrant families who have fled their homelands in Southeast Asia to forge a new future in North Carolina.
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Longleaf Film Festival 2016
National Folk Festival NC
East Carolina Film Festival 2015

World TV
Comcast on Demand

Riverwalk (2014)

Starting in historic downtown Wilmington, Riverwalk takes you on a stop-motion journey along the Cape Fear River as it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The local objects inserted into the camera create both micro and macro images on 35mm film that define the space.
Created during Cucalorus Artist Residency Summer 2014

Cucalorus Film Festival 2014

The Healing Power of Art (2013)
Children faced with life-altering challenges share their art and reveal how Children’s Healing Art Project (CHAP) has improved their lives. The Healing Power of Art website.

Awards & Screenings
Royal Reel Award Canada International Film Festival 2014
Audience Choice Award BolderLife Festival 2013
Honorable Mention Award BolderLife Festival 2013
BenFilm Festival 2014
Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival 2014
The Mt Hood Independent Film Festival 2013
Sun & Sand Film & Music Festival 2013
The Loft Film Festival 2013
BolderLife Festival 2013


A Weekend Groove
A Weekend Groove is just that, a weekend with the band, Perpetual Groove, on their Winter 2012 Tour. The documentary reveals a sneak peak into what it is like to be on tour with the band. A Weekend Groove is part concert footage and part intimate visits to the band member’s homes in Athens, GA while they gear up for the next leg of the tour.

Cucalorus Film Festival 2012


The Annual Roots & Rhythm Music & Arts Festival
Every summer the small town of Honesdale, PA hosts the Roots & Rhythm Music & Arts Festival. The festival draws thousands of people to Honesdale's Central Park for a day filled with music.

Roots & Ryhthm Late Night Ramble 2012


Geomorphic: North Carolina (2011)
A meditation on the diverse landscape of North Carolina. Objects, such as leaves or seashells, found in each location were collected and inserted into the camera. The result captured on the 35mm film is both a macro and micro image that defines the space. The rough stop motion emulates a sense of exploration through the land beginning in the mountains and traveling east to the coast.

Sustainable Shorts Film Competition 2014
Obscure Photo Exhibition, Center for Visual Artists 2014
Light Factory Filmmaker's Showcase 2012
UNC Charlotte Short Films Festival 2012
Live Original Local Artistika Show 2012


Bray Bray Wanna Play (2011)
A claymation made with found audio of my nieces playing.

Awards & Screenings
Best Animation UNC Charlotte Short Film Festival 2012
UNC Charlotte Short Film Festival 2012

Nite Lite (2011)
An experimental film that takes you on an unexpected journey into the night. UNCG Spring 2011 Practicum Film

Awards & Screenings
Best Student Film Carrboro Film Festival 2011
Carrboro Film Festival 2011
Cucalorus Film Festival 2011
Black Bear Film Festival 2011
Onecloud Fest Fall 2011
Columbia Gorge International Film Festival 2011

Whole Note (2010)
A kinestasis film with an inductive approach.